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Deathwatch beetle

The death watch beetle typically attacks oak and elm following decay by a wet rot fungi – Donkioporia expansa. Its control has to be carefully considered since hardwoods absorb low levels of preservative fluid and continued attack can cause severe structural problems.

The timbers most likely to be affected by death watch beetle are those built into the building such as beam ends and therefore are the most difficult to access.

Treatment in this situation must be seen as long-term and will usually involve monitoring holes to establish the level of activity.

  • Stop the moisture source.
  • Careful injection of shakes, emergence holes and cavities together with surface application of specifically formulated paste preservatives.
  • Resin based techniques enable in situ timber to be repaired, retaining the original appearance.
  • Existing floors can be stress graded then structurally upgraded with resin, giving additional loading capacity.
Deathwatch beetle
Death watch beetle.
Beetle infestation
Death watch beetle in a lath and plaster wall.

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