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This landlocked Grade 1 listed Victorian building in the centre of London is bursting at the seams with no options for expansion of the site. Other than to use basement spaces which have always been considered too wet for use.


We were asked to inspect this large basement space currently used for the storage of building materials and to consider whether we could create a dry social area for staff and comply both with its Grade 1 listing and with BS8102:2009 to provide a habitable Grade 3 space.


We proposed a Newton Type C cavity drain membrane system with a meshed finish that would allow direct plastering to retain all the complicated curves and proportions of the beautiful birds beak arches. This system is fully reversible as all fixings are within the lime mortar joints thus resulting in the schemes final acceptance by English Heritage.


The application work was technically challenging to follow all the curves whilst retaining integrity of the water proofing system and to guide water to the existing natural drainage.


Our work was completed successfully on time and on budget resulting in Stonehouse being given further basement areas to waterproof releasing more valuable space for use.


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